Stephen Earley Jordan II has had the opportunity of diving into producing various films. From writing, producing, or simply creative direction, Stephen has challenged himself with new, innovative projects and open to collaboration.


Grown Past You—Stephen Earley Jordan II was the Writer and Creative Director of this thought-provoking video, with its tribal theme gives the impression of “you don’t know me anymore” feeling from an unrequited love. Mixed with spoken words versus raw video imagery and afrocentric costumes by O’Neal Wyche. Vocals by April Hill; Background vocals, Kimberly Marable; Music Production, Marlon Saunders; Writing/Creative Direction, Stephen Earley Jordan II; Director, Adolphus Amissah; Costumes, O’Neal Wyche; Makeup, Oscar Caballero; Jewelry, Lynore Routte.


The People Are Ready to Dance Again by Marlon Saunders, is an upbeat socially conscious song and video, motivating individuals to become proactive in positive changes despite what we may experience in our daily lives. Encouraging the listener to “change the way the story ends”, Marlon lends the mic to Soul/R&B legend Tawatha Agee, who moves the listener on this rhythmic journey. The video features the talents of Creative Director Stephen Earley Jordan II; Director Adolphus Amissah; and Stylist O’Neal Wyche.

Silent Night—“Silent Night” featuring Kimberly Marable, is an experimental, mixed-media artistic project, adding a cultural twist with a modern message, depicting the hardships of being born Black in America today. Produced by Music Producer, Marlon Saunders; Writer/Creative Director, Stephen Earley Jordan II; and Costume Designer, O’Neal Wyche. “Silent Night” video was directed by Adolphus Amissah.



Black Ariel” was concepted by Stephen Earley Jordan II after Puerto Rico endured Hurricanes Irma and Maria. This short fashion film has been entered in several film festivals for 2018 and the full video is not currently available for viewing. Inspired by the aftermath of the hurricanes, cultural, biblical, literary, and mythologic references, Stephen created an image of a strong woman, a mermaid (Ariel) coming from the sea to give hope to mankind. But will there be a cost? Intricate costume designs by O’Neal Wyche accent Ariel’s unwaning strength as she exudes fervor with every scene.